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OceanSoft Vietnam

Technical qualifications

Often updating the latest technology, we, OceanSoft Vietnam, provide customers with new and high quality technology in the smallest amount of time. To help customers totally trust in the result of their projects. Outstanding technical skills bring OceanSoft Vietnam great competitive advantages in comparison with other companies in the same field.  Customers come to us in order to have the fastest service of the highest quality completely fulfilling their requirements..

Keen on different technologies, programming languages and frameworks
OceanSoft Vietnam only hires talented programmers and commits to provide customers with the best service. To do so, in addition to ownership of good specialized knowledge, the skill of working with different frameworks, platforms or programming languages is prerequisite. All of our developers are skilled in all popular frameworks and always prepared to develop multi-platform applications.
Operating systems used at OceanSoft Vietnam include Windows, Linux, Mobile, etc., with different programming languages such as” ..NET (VB.NET, C#.NET), Java, PHP, C, C++, Actionscript. The following is some services provided by OceanSoft Vietnam based on programming languages:

  • Designing websites for your company at the most competitive price; ensuring an optimization image of your company via OCMS (Ocean Content Management System), Joomla, Wordpress.
  • Developing online shops fully equipped with the latest features according to the theory of e-commerce so that it is possible to optimize your sales by Ocart (OceanCart), ZenCart, Magento.
  • Develop customers’ PHD applications as required with Zend Framework, Drupal, Symfony, CakePHP.
  • Desiging and developing .Net applications customized for webs, client-servers or desktops using C#.NET or VB.NET.
  • Developing and maitaining .NET applications.
  • Integrating .NET applications
  • Developing Java applications for Linux, Window, Mac OS, Mobile platform
  • Solutions required on Java
  • J2EE design patterns
  • Designing and developing games
Updating and quickly acquiring new technology
In addition to the expertise in currently available famous technologies, an vital factor which makes OceanSoft Vietnam successful is the ability to update and catch up with advances in technologies. We can update and master any new technology within 2-4 weeks. It is an indispensable condition to ensure the success of projects in accordance with customers’ requirements. It can be said that high technical skills could bring us confidence and provide customers with satisfaction!