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Offshore Software Outsourcing

We provide world-class software outsourcing services, specializing in Offshore Outsourcing services to global clients. Offshore software development outsourcing, on a project by project base or as a long term relationship, allows companies in high wage countries to access top quality technical talent at lower prices. OceanSoft VietNam specializes in internet business applications on PHP, .Net, iPhone, Android, Flex-based and embedded software.

OceanSoft Vietnam’s unique suite of products, services, and domain expertise help companies manage their supply chains, maximize return on investment and reduce operating costs.

Ocean have found that excess in management time is always the most scarce resource for our clients. This is why we are committed to going above and beyond to assist our clients in ensuring they provide 100% customer service. We bring our domain expertise, systems, technology and people to help you plan the best course of action for your business. Then we implement it and guarantee our levels of quality support. So we always bring pleasance to every our customer.

OceanSoft Vietnam can help your organization in every phase of its product development lifecycle, whether it is development, testing, or maintenance with “world-class quality, Vietnam-class price only”.

OceanSoft Vietnam Outsourcing Services' Key Advantages
Strong Management Team with proven experienced in Offshore Software Outsourcing Industry.
Young, dynamic, pro-active, highly skilled development team, knowledgeable in cutting-edge technologies, experienced in onsite and offshore development.

Offshore Software Development Services
OceanSoft Vietnam has been using emerging technologies to provide solutions to our customers. Our workforce having at least 4-year-education in college or university is capable of handling general and enterprise application systems. Our philosophy is to mitigate and to minimize the risks for every customer.

We provide services in the following expertise:
  • Information Technology Outsourcing Services
  • Software Outsourcing Development
  • Software Migration
  • Software Integration
  • Software Testing/Web Testing
  • Data Processing
  • Software Maintenance
OceanSoft Vietnam seeks to thrive through the best offshore software outsourcing services to our customers. TRUST is our operational keyword. We do not hesitate to start out with a small project to allow our clients to measure our ability to deliver a timely and superior product. Once TRUST is established, we would like to think of ourselves as an engineering extension of our clients' software development structure.

Please contact us for further information and references on offshore software outsourcing services we can do!