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Hire HTML Developer

OceanSoft Vietnam offers dedicated HTML Developer / Coder for HTML Web design and HTML web development to fulfill your eCommerce, content management system, and your web application needs leveraging the latest tools and technology the industry has to offer.

What Hired HTML Developer can do?
  • HTML Custom Theme Development
  • HTML Maintenance Work
  • HTML Component Customization
  • HTML Extensions Development
  • HTML CMS Development
  • HTML Modules Development & Modifications
  • Conversion of PSD to HTML theme
  • eCommerce and online shopping carts sites through the HTML CMS
HTML Developer / Coder Working Time
  • Offshore Hired HTML Developer will works in your project only.
  • Our working time is 8 hours/day, 6 days/week.
  • Dedicated HTML Developer will work under your timeframe and you can contact through Yahoo Messenger, MSN, Skype, Gtalk with ID: osoftvietnam. We are always available to hear from you.
Abilities of HTML Developer
  • Experience : 3-4 years
  • Education Level : Bachelor in Computer Science, Masters in Computer Applications.
  • Web Development Skills : AJAX, XML, HTML, XHTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Database Skills : MySQL
  • Process and Methodologies : Web Development, E-Commerce, Content Management System(CMS)
Responsibilities of HTML Developer
  • Work in Hourly basis, Weekly basis, Monthly basis and on fix rate.
  • Cost will depends upon which resource you would like to hire.
  • We will provide you best resource that suits your requirement.
  • Client satisfaction is our main goal rather than cost.
Reason to Hire Dedicated HTML Developer from OceanSoft Vietnam
  • Extensive knowledge in HTML technologies
  • Hands on experience in latest tools and techniques
  • Strong programming skills in HTML
  • Excellent problem solving abilities in HTML
  • Capable of handing pressure and meeting deadlines
  • Get innovative and appealing websites developed by our HTML CMS developer who incorporate various functionalities provided by HTML.
  • Our HTML coder not only develops new websites for the clients but also modifies their existing websites.
  • Hire HTML CMS Developer to develop sites like -social networking sites, resource directories, community web portals, intranet applications, eCommerce applications, auction sites as well as corporate websites.
  • Our developers are expert in various open source technologies and are proficient in the HTML framework as well.
  • Hire HTML Developers who mould the various HTML features to get the desired site for your business.
Interested to Hire HTML Developer?
Being leading Offshore Web Development Company in Vietnam, we try our level best HTML Development Service to our clients by leveraging the experience and expertise of our HTML website developers. With a strong team of HTML Web Developers and experience, we can assure of offering best quality design and development that are secure, fast, scalable, robust and cost effective.

If you interest in hiring, you can direct mail us at contact@oceansoftware.com.vn. If you have any other query then you can contact us via our contact page.