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High Skilled Human Resources

OceanSoft Vietnam personnel includes IT experts, senior developers, website designers who have graduated from reputed universities in Vietnam and have many years of experience in the field of IT. They have experienced lots of projects of different scale and are provided with the best working conditions to maximize their capabilities. All what we have been doing is to create the greatest values for customers.

OceanSoft Vietnam's personnel policy


We consider capabilities as the most important factor in recruitment. OceanSoft Vietnam only recruit experienced IT experts, senior developers who work devotedly and enthusiastically

All OceanSoft Vietnam engineers are able to communicate fluently in English via different means such as: Telephone, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Gtalk, Email …., which makes the communication between the company and customers very easy.


OceanSoft Vietnam always respects and encourages the creativity of each employee and create a favorable working condition for them to show their best.

In addition, OceanSoft Vietnam personnel also have lots of experience and masters skills involving in teamwork. The close, effective cooperation among individuals makes functional teams integrative and effective.


OceanSoft Vietnam often offers divers training courses for each target group of employees. Opportunities to be trained are allocated on the basis of positions and roles at work to encourage each individual. Training courses provide knowledge and skills required to effectively complete their work.

Professional management

OceanSoft Vietnam always thinks highly of professionalism in management. All members of the company always respect and comply with management procedures set by the Board of Directors. This is a firm guarantee of effectiveness and product quality.


Our experts and developers can work on site or remotely according to customers requirements. Flexibility in mobilizing human resources allows us to meet various demands of customers.

Ensuring the sustainability is the core of OceanSoft Vietnam’s personnel policies. OceanSoft Vietnam’s programs on human resources are designed with a clear vision, sustainably and devotedly deployed.

With experienced personnel, OceanSoft Vietnam has been succeeded in affirming their position as one of the leading companies in outsourcing, software development and website design services as well as designing e-commercial systems…