OceanSoft Vietnam - Quality Management
OceanSoft Vietnam

Quality Management

Focusing on customers, we not only simply find out the defect to ensure the product quality but also assure the quality based on the below standards:

  • Coding: Establishing and strictly complying with coding standards of all programming languages.
  • Framework: Combining all factors, standards, framework of Java/Struts, PHP/Smarty, Ruby/Rail, .NET and stardardizing program systems.
  • Testing: To avoid missing out, stardardize the software testing method.
Software testing procedures at OceanSoft Vietnam
  • Fuctional Testing and System Testing Test the compliance with technical specifications of applications or websites and ensure the completeness of all required functions.
  • Usability Testing: Examine the product from the view of end-users. We will not provide a product for customers if we have not satisfied with it.
  • Coding Standards Review: Normally based on framework used to develop or standardize according to customers’ company.
  • Non-functional testing :
    • Performance, Load, Stress Testing
    • Compatibility and Scalability Testing: Test features and behaviors of applications on different hardware and software configurations (operating systems, browsers, network connections …) which have been stated in software development requirements.
    • Analyze the operation of database: Test the operation of database, test all requirements, communications among Web applications and database on servers, identify slow transaction nodes and reasons why it happens.

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