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Professional Project Management

Clearly being aware of the importance of project management, OceanSoft Vietnam always tightly manage all steps of the project, from starting, planning, implementing ... stages to testing and maintaining stages. The project management responsibility is assigned to different positions individuals of different specialization working together in inter-functional project teams are managed scientifically and always do their best for the overall success.

OPMS – The basis of project management procedure

With continual attempt to standardize project management procedures, OceanSoft Vietnam has applied OPMS (Ocean Project Management System) to project management.  Our management procedures are scientifically and clearly managed going into each member of project teams.

One important factor which makes OceanSoft Vietnam successful in project management is the ability to mobilize all project members, project management board, even customers to participate in the management procedures. Communications between customers and OceanSoft Vietnam are set up and become easier than ever via OPMS. Our developers can directly discuss project requirements with customers, receive feedback at any time of a day ... so that they can have a prompt adjustment of the project according to the most updated requirement. Since OPMS was used for managing projects, the geological distance between customers and us are completely eliminated.

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