OceanSoft Vietnam

About OceanSoft Vietnam

OceanSoft Vietnam works in the competitive field of Information Technology and has the headquarter in Hanoi and branch in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. With qualified and devoted staff, we aim to develop the company in a long term in IT field. As an outsourcing company which develops software and design websites, we have been providing customers in Vietnam and international markets with high quality service at reasonable price. [Read more]

Human Resources

OceanSoft Vietnam personnel includes IT experts, senior developers, website designers who have graduated from reputed universities in Vietnam and have many years of experience in the field of IT. They have experienced lots of projects of different scale and are provided with the best working conditions to maximize their capabilities. All what we have been doing is to create the greatest values for customers. [Read more]

Technical qualifications

Often updating the latest technology, we, OceanSoft Vietnam, provide customers with new and high quality technology in the smallest amount of time. To help customers totally trust in the result of their projects. Outstanding technical skills bring OceanSoft Vietnam great competitive advantages in comparison with other companies in the same field. Customers come to us in order to have the fastest service of the highest quality completely fulfilling their requirements. [Read more]

Project Management

Clearly being aware of the importance of project management, OceanSoft Vietnam always tightly manage all steps of the project, from starting, planning, implementing ... stages to testing and maintaining stages. The project management responsibility is assigned to different positions; individuals of different specialization working together in inter-functional project teams are managed scientifically and always do their best for the overall success. [Read more]

Quality Management

Focusing on customers, we not only simply find out the defect to ensure the product quality but also assure the quality based on the below standards: Coding: Establishing and strictly complying with coding standards of all programming languages. Framework: Combining all factors, standards, framework of Java/Struts, PHP/Smarty, Ruby/Rail, .NET and stardardizing program systems. Testing: To avoid missing out, stardardize the software testing method. [Read more]